Animal Shelter Finds 9 Dead Dogs, Rescues 3 Others from Home

- ALLEGANY COUNTY, Md. -  The Allegany County Animal Shelter retrieved 12 dogs from a home in Cumberland Thursday and only three were found alive. On Wednesday, Management Representative Dave Williams said the shelter is taking responsibility for not responding fast enough. 

"We feel if we had responded sooner the more these dogs would have survived, so we carry some responsibility for the outcomes and that's not what the community expects of us and it's not what we expect of our selves," Williams said. 

Many neighbors said they called the animal shelter July 1, 2014. Heidi Logsdon lives right next door where the 12 dogs were found on McGill Drive and said she expected more from the shelter.

"They just kind of dropped the ball on this one. I didn't realize until after the fact that so many people did call and how many times," Logsdon said.  

Erin Blanco lives across the street from the house with the 12 dogs and said she could always hear them barking.

"Every time you came home, those poor dogs would be barking and barking and then with the last few weeks there would be less barking, so we were fearing the worse that they were dying inside," Blanco said.

Williams said hoarding animals is fairly uncommon and it's very odd something like this happened twice this summer in Allegany County.

Two months ago, the shelter rescued 33 dogs from a similar situation on Greene Street. Williams said they were lucky enough to be found in time and all dogs survived and this could have been the case with the 12 dogs found on McGill Street, if they were found in time. 

"Everybody here is invested in making sure this doesn't happen again, so our question right now is when these calls were received why didn't we put two and two together to understand that this was the situation that is was," Williams said. 

Williams said the shelter is launching an internal investigation to find why it took them so long to respond. 

The three dogs found alive were transported to Mountainview Veterinary Services in Keyser, W.Va., and Williams said all three dogs are expected to make a full recovery.

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