Army Veteran Celebrates 101st Birthday


MARTINSBURG, W.Va.- Happy birthday to Alfred Clark! The Army veteran was surprised at the Martinsburg Veteran Affairs Medical Center on Friday after turning an incredible 101 years of age.

"I picked him up to bring him here for two appointments," said Clark's daughter Gwen Troxell. "We knew they were going to have cake, but we didn't think (it would be) anything like this."

"I am surprised!" Clark said. "This is great!"

Clark served in the army during World War Two from 1943-1946. Members at the hospital have been planning a surprise party for him since his 100th birthday a year ago.

"Every three months, 'are you having my birthday?'" said Terri Flowers, a Health Technician at the medical center. "So we had to schedule his appointment on his birthday so we could honor his 101st birthday."

Clark is in great condition after surpassing an entire century of age. His family says he's on little medication and is still sharp as a tack. Clark's father also lived into his 100s, and his mother into her 90s.

"I hope I have a little bit of those genes," said Alfred's son, Gary Clark. "The longevity of the family is great. He's in absolute excellent health. They take very good care of him here."

"His doctor said there's a lot of 50-year-old men that would like to have his results," Troxell added. "He's still very alert."

Friday marks the 13th, and even though most of us associate the date with bad luck, in Clark's case the number 13 has played a significant role in his life. He had 13 brothers and sisters, his old telephone number ended with 1913, and he was even born 101 years ago on Friday the 13th, 1913.

"Today I'm 101, and it's Friday the 13th," Clark said. "These people treat me great, they've given me great service."

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