Athletes Participate in Battlefrog Obstacle Course


HEDGESVILLE, W.Va. - If you're not into getting muddy from head to toe, climbing ropes, and getting in an intense workout, then the Battlefrog obstacle course is definitely not for you. In just its third event appearance, the course, founded and designed by Navy Seals, has attracted people from all over the country of all different ages.

"They're for little children, they're for people who just want to run a mile," said Former Navy Seal and Battlefrog CEO Don Mann. "Most people are doing it just for fun, they're not really doing it as a race."

The course was created to recognize our military and to help people understand the type of work that Navy Seals do.

"Our main base is in tribute to the military, and in tribute to Navy Seals," Mann said. "Especially those who have lost their lives."

Everyone involved says even though its tough, its well worth the effort.

"It's a lot of climbing, a lot of running, a lot of crawling and it's all in thick mud," Mann added. "Everyone coming across the finish line is just loving it."

"There was a lot of fun stuff," said David James, a participant. "A lot of mud, some stinkin' nasty water to go through, and I probably haven't been this tired in about fifteen years!"

Participants are faced with obstacles such as crossing a rope across a pond, crawling through mud tunnels, climbing up ropes and nets and even go down a slide into a mud pool.

The next Battlefrog event will be held in New Jersey on August 2nd. For more information on the course and how you can participate, you can visit their Facebook page by clicking here.

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