Authorities Release Further Details into I-81 Homicide

- WHAG NEWS - The Pennsylvania State Police held a press conference Friday morning on the Interstate-81 homicide.

PSP Chambersburg Captain Steven Junkin briefed the press and introduced the Homicide Task Force; which includes the FBI,  Harrisonburg Field Office, Franklin County Coroner Office, Franklin County District Attorney's Office, Maryland State Police, and West Virginia State Police.

Officers say the homicide that happened on Interstate-81 and the shooting in York County are not related. State police say they will continue to work with Carroll Township Police in that investigation.

Authorities confirmed at Friday morning's conference Davison's confirmed cause of death is multiple gun shot wounds. They say the shooter is still at large and the vehicle is still said to be a Ford Ranger XLT with damage to the driver’s side. 

Police say they don't have evidence to suggest that Davison provoked the shooter in any way. The incident ranges between Interstate-70 in Maryland to exit 3 and on Interstate-81 northbound. Police think the driver probably headed on I-81 southbound after shooting Davison. 

Police say they do not have a license number. They think that someone in the tri-state area (West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland) has information about the incident. They continue to ask the public for help with identifying the shooter.

Pennsylvania State Police say they were also contacted by Kentucky State Police about a case they’re currently investigating involving an officer who was ambushed. But they say that case has no connection to Davison’s death at this time. 

Police didn't answer questions about evidence, or the possible weapon used, but they did confirm they’re using highway cameras and 911 calls made in Maryland and Pennsylvania. 

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