Award-Winning Conductor Performs at Shippensburg University


SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. - Shippensburg University is hosting its 45th annual Classical Music Series at the Luhrs Center on campus.

This year's theme is Liberty and Love, an idea created by award-winning conductor Robert Treviño, who has performed all over the world.

Treviño is only 30-years-old, but he has been conducting for more than half his life. To him, music is a way of life and conducting is his calling.

"It's exhilarating,” explained Treviño.

It is Treviño’s second year in a row conducting the Shippensburg Festival Symphony at the Luhrs Center. The symphony is made up of professional musicians from Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C.

"In a performance, no one is talking. It's start to finish, a silent endeavor of human beings coming together and agreeing,” said Treviño. “What I love about conducting is the opportunity to bring the orchestra together."

But it's not all about the orchestra; Treviño also likes to engage with his audience and share with them his love for music.

"I pay my taxes and I have to get my oil changed in my car just like everyone else. I'm not some supernatural human being. I just happen to love music and that happens to be what I do,” said Treviño. “When I’m on the stage, I try to use that opportunity to bring people into what it is that I love about the music."

Treviño's talent has captured international attention. But even though he has already had a taste of success, he says it's only the beginning of his conducting career.

"That's the thing that's great about music,” said Treviño. “We can perform any work of art by these great composers 100 to 1,000 times and yet we still find things that are new to discover."

It's that constant improvement Treviño strives for every time he performs. At Shippensburg, he is hoping to show the world how far he has come.

"I hope that they will give us the opportunity to enchant them and give them an amazing evening that they'll never forget,” said Treviño.

Robert Treviño's last performance at Shippensburg is next Thursday at the Luhrs Center.

For more information about tickets and shows, click here.

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