Frederick County Woman Gives Birth On I-270

- FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - Atticus Robert Noland has enjoyed his first few days mostly eating and sleeping but who knew such a peaceful looking baby could have such a loud entrance into the world.

"I felt something and I turned to John and said something came out, and so he immediately moved across the highway and got on the side of the road. He came over and checked and saw what he thought was a head," said Ann Noland, mother of baby Atticus.

At around 5:20 a.m. Friday, Ann, with the help of her husband John, gave birth to little Atticus on the shoulder of Interstate 270 while in route to Shady Grove Adventist Hospital in Rockville.

"There wasn't time to call 911 when we pulled over the side of the road. The events were transpiring too quickly so we delivered the baby," said John Noland, father of Atticus.

Its an unconvential birth for Ann, but also the shortest she's experienced of her three children. She had her first pain Friday around 4:30 a.m. and by 5:20 a.m., all 9-pounds, 7-ounces of Atticus was in her arms.

That wasn't the only surprise for the Nolands. They decided to wait until the baby's birth to find out the sex and were elated to bring a healthy boy into the world.

"When he came out of course my wife is horrified because she's giving birth on the side of the highway, and I hoped that it would calm her and I said, 'Oh hey, look its a baby boy!' I think it did," John said.

Shortly after the birth, John called 911 and EMTs arrived on the scene to make sure Atticus was healthy and stable, and just like that, little Atticus who made his debut on I-270 and was ready for life in the fast lane.

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