New system changes school lunch payments


WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. -- There's an online system that's making it easier for Washington County parents to pay and keep track of their student's meal expenses -- MySchoolBucks.

"A useful tool to track what they're child purchases so they can actually see what the child is purchasing everyday when you know they're not really around," said Jeff Proulx, Supervisor for WCPS Food and Nutrition Services.

Parents set up an account, add their student's information and then make payments online for a small service fee. Parents can also monitor transactions like checking how much was spent and setting balance alerts.

"And you have the ability to set that value and the system will send you an email when they get to the point that you predetermined so you don't have to remember how much money is on my child's account, the system will tell you," says Proulx.

Washington County Public Schools has been working with MySchoolBucks for about four years now but this is the first time there's a smart phone app letting parents make payments and check transactions on the go.

"This is a secure way for parents to make those deposits without worrying where the funds are going to end up," says Proulx.

And any unused funds roll over to the next year and even the next school as the student progresses through the school system.

For now, MySchoolBucks system can only be used for food payments but county officials hope to expand the system to other school related purchases in the future.

For more information about the online payment system and the smartphone app, check out their site.

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