Barbara Comstock, GOP Unofficial Nominee


LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. - Six candidates fought for the nomination, but Barbara Comstock (R-McLean), a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, won the unofficial nomination from the 10th Congressional Republican Committee Saturday after 13,000 voters turned out for a party canvass.

"In our primary, which is not a statewide primary, where there were only 10 locations and not hundreds of locations, we turned out 13,000 voters. We're pretty proud of that,” said John Whitbeck, Chairman of the GOP 10th Congressional District Committee.

Whitebeck noted that in the 2013 statewide Democratic primary for Lt. Governor, only 11,000 voters turned out to the polls.

"I’m an American, this is the greatest gift to have as an American,” said Joseph Mitchell, a 10th Congressional District voter, who explain why he took pride in voting.

The party opted for the canvass, otherwise known as a firehouse primary, as it doesn't cost tax payers a thing, and allows Comstock to get more face time before the formal election in November.

"I think this is a critical election in terms of who the Republican party is going to put up to maintain Congressman Wolf's seat," said Loretta McManus, who also was proud to vote in the firehouse primary.

Comstock and John Foust, the Democratic nominee will face off in November for Congressman Frank Wolf's (R) seat. Wolf announced that he would not run again for Congress after 33 years in office.

Regardless of who they voted for, all voters who came out to the polls had one thing in common: the Republican Party.

"It has been a tremendous turnout, which speaks to the underlying discontent of the Republicans, not just here in Northern Virginia-Loudoun, but Republicans across the board," said McManus.

"I’m here because of what’s going on in the Democratic Party for the United States government. This is insane what's going on. Someone's got to stop it and Republicans are the only ones who can,” said Mitchell.

The 10th congressional district covers Frederick, Clarke, Warren and Loudoun Counties.

The GOP committee will send their nomination to the Virginia State Board of Elections (VA SBE) Saturday night. VA SBE is expected to formally announce Comstock’s nomination by Monday or Tuesday of next week.

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