Bester Elementary Opens New Facility to 550 Students


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - As the school year begins more than 500 young students flooded the halls of the new Bester Elementary School.

"I am so excited for this school year. My children will be starting kindergarten," said Tiare Sakai, parent.

The new school is bigger, brighter and equipped with more technology.

"It feels great to be in a new school, it's fresh, it's clean, it's colorful," said Lauren Belliotti, teacher.

"We have a science lab, intervention rooms. We have a beautiful media center, a courtyard. It's just a building full of great things that are going to happen here," said Kristi Bachtel, principal at Bester Elementary.

Students will have the opportunity to explore new ways of learning with 200 Mac computers and 100 iPads.

"It's easy because I have an iPad for myself at home, so I already know how to use it, but some things we looked up in there are new," said a student.

"There is all types of technology and applications available that you can use with special education students, and I'm very excited to be moving into this whole new world of technology with teaching, and I hope it will help our students excel with reading, said Belliotti.

With security cameras and more accessible bathrooms for students, the principal said it's a much safer environment.

"We want our students to feel safe, we want them to feel excited to come to school everyday," said Bachtel.

The school still has not let go of all the old memories.

"The entrance to our library has the old arch from the 1930's building, and if you are outside looking at the front of the building we have emblem from that part of the building as well," explained Bachtel.

As the school year continues, officials said they hope the new building will rejuvenate the students, teachers and the whole community.

The principal said in her six years at the school, this year had the highest enrollment numbers.

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