"Biker Bodyguards" Protect Kids in Court

MARTINSBURG, WV - Life is hard enough for victims of child abuse before they have to go court and testify about it.  That's why a special group has made themselves personal bodyguards for kids who haven't been protected enough.

Bikers Against Child Abuse come with children to court. They use road names to prevent convicts from identifying them.

"We don't want them looking our name up and coming to our house; I mean they're more than welcome to come to mine," says Dogg, president of BACA. "I would advise it."

They hear the kids' stories and support them through their testimony. Many involve sex abuse.

"They have to testify, and you hear all the details and that's the hardest part," says Wild Bill.

"It's rough on us because we become attached to these children and they're sitting there talking about what had taken place and it bothers you," says Dogg. "But you know we're there for them."

"They go into it knowing they have their biker friends outside and they're there to support them," says attorney Steve Redding of child witnesses. "I think it gives them quite a bit of confidence actually. You know, they look like rough and tumble bikers but they're all sweethearts, they're big teddy bears."

If you would like to support protecting kids in court, you can donate to Bikers Against Child Abuse, go to bacaworld.org.

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