Bill Prohibiting Sale of Synthetic Marijuana Signed into Law

- ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Officials say House Bill 1159, which prohibits the sale of synthetic marijuana where tobacco products are sold, was signed into law on Monday. 

They say often synthetic marijuana is marketed and sold as herbal incense or potpourri. This legislation will force Maryland business owners to choose between the profits of tobacco or the profits made off of synthetic drugs that are marketed and sold to minors. 

Delegate Vitale intoduced this legislation as a bill designed to attack the accessibility of the drug. Officials say this bill diminishes the access to purchase these synthetic products at locations such as convenience stores, tobacco stores and gas stations where tobacco products are traditionally sold. 

Officials say violators will be fined an initial $300, up to $3,000 for subsequent violations within a two year period. Businesses will also have their retail tobacco license revoked if found in violation of the law. 

This initiative was fully supported by the Maryland Retailer's Association, law enforcement and parent groups. 

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