Bill Would Make Electioneering Laws More Consistent

ANNAPOLIS, MD - A bill is making its way through the Maryland General Assembly to make electioneering rules more consistent across the state.

The bill would allow campaigning and campaign signs around public buildings up to a certain distance.

Delegate Neil Parrott, (R), Washington County and Senator Ron Young (D), Frederick and Washington Counties, are sponsoring the bill.

"In Washington County, in this last election, we had the Red Cross, which is a non-profit, they agreed to have elections at their facility," Parrott says. "This was for early voting, so the heaviest days, and for several days, they said no signs on their property at all."

Parrott says he's seen a lot of inconsistency across polling places with the distance a campaigner must be or not allowing electioneering at all.

"If you agree to hold elections in your facility, you will allow signs and you will allow electioneering on your property, which just makes it very consistent," Parrott says. "Everyone knows what to expect, from the voters to the candidates."

The bill also prohibits private property being used for a polling place unless the owner agrees to electioneering.

"That just cheats the voters out of necessary information they might like to have right as they're about to go in, voters guides, different things that they might be able to get," Parrott says.

You can read the bill by clicking here.

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