Body Discovered While Police Search for Missing D.C. Girl


WASHINGTON, D.C. - On Monday, while searching for the missing 8-year-old, Relisha Rudd in a D.C. park, police found a man's body. They're investigating whether this dead body could be connected to Relisha's disappearance.

At this time, police say they believe the body found is that of Kahlil Tatum. Officials say the cause of death appears to be a suicide. 

Kenilworth Park is 700 acres with several bodies of water and wooded areas. Police said they're using underwater cameras, search dogs, and hundreds of police and firefighter officers and cadets for this search.

"In 700 acres we  have multiple areas that have been searched multiple times and we still are not finish., we still have additional searches to be done so the best answer I can give you is there were multiple waves of searches that have gone through each area of the park," said Chief Cathy Lanier, D.C. Police.

As WHAG has reported, Relisha has been missing since March 1, 2014 and suspected to be with Khalil Tatum, 51, the janitor at the same homeless shelter where she lived.

"We've tried to do the search very methodically using multiple layers of search techniques so we started in the areas that we thought were the highest probabilities would be for locating, and remember we're primarily looking for Relisha," said Lanier.

This week, police said community members will start helping in the search for Relisha.

D.C. Police said their search will continue for the next several days. 

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