Boy Charged in School Threat


BOONSBORO, Md.- The Resource Officer Program in Washington County puts a deputy officer in specific schools for students and teachers to come to if they have issues or concerns. The most recent training the program provides to all teachers and staff is the ALICE concept.

"This deals with active threat response and the different ways you can respond if there were an active threat situation within the school," said Washington County's Public Information Officer, Carly Hose.

A 16-year-old student at Boonsboro High has been charged with bringing in two knives and a kill list with eight names of students on January 15, 2014. He recently had a court appearance in connection with the assault of another student. The boy was charged with second degree assault and possession of a dangerous weapon on school property.

The altercation lasted less than a minute and was broken up by staff members. Authorities say a big reason the incident was handled swiftly was due to the school's Resource Officer Program.

"We want to make sure that the people that are with our kids are prepared as they possibly can be for potential situations," Hose added. "At the same point we have our school resource officer out at these schools to keep them safe too."

Deputy Hose says the situation at Boonsboro could have been much worse, and that this program helps provide safety for all students, faculty and staff.

"We have an invested interest in making sure that our teachers are properly prepared for these situations," Hose said. "By having a law enforcement officer out at the school, that's just adding another level of safety and security there for the students."

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