Boy Suffers Serious Injury in Bicycle Accident


HAGERSTOWN, Md.- Riding a bike is something most young kids love to do. Sunday morning, a group of boys was doing just that in the back area of A1 Fleet Maintenance in Hagerstown. They say they ride there every week, but their fun turned into a frightening moment this time. One of them, an 8-year-old, went over the handle bars and the brake handle impaled his abdomen.

"We had to cut the bicycle away from the victim piece by piece to try to move the smallest part of the bicycle with the victim to the hospital," said Travis Keefer, Deputy Chief with Maugansville Fire Department.

"We like to leave the part that had been impaled inside someone in those instances," said Kyle Hetzer, a paramedic with Hagerstown Community Rescue Service. "We like to leave it in place, that way it kind of controls any type of bleeding that may or may not be occurring. Also, that way the trauma surgeons are the better ones to take care of the situation."

The boy was flown to Children's National Medical Center in Washington D.C.

"We have to be very careful not to move anything to make the injuries any worse," Keefer said.

Crews worked on the boy for about an hour. They said the environment he was in caused them to take a bit longer.

"He was in a body of water that was kind of muddy," Hetzer said. "We were concerned about any possible increase for infection. The way he was positioned, he was on top of the object, so we needed to be careful as we moved around to clip away at the object."

Officials say it was a serious injury, but it does not appear to be life-threatening. When he left the care of paramedics, they say he was in stable condition.

The boy's name is not being released at this time, and his current condition is unknown.

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