Brush Fire Leaves Acres of State Park Land Damaged

- THURMONT, Md. - Nearly four acres of Maryland state park land were destroyed after a brush fire swept across Catoctin Hollow Road Monday afternoon.

"A tree came down across the power lines, knocked the power line down, lit the leaves on fire and with the wind, pushed it up through the mountain," said Lt. Blaine Schildt, with Guardian Hose Co.

Park officials say the fire was most likely a combination of an old tree being rooted in shallow soil. During high winds, the tree rocked back and forth and eventually gave out, falling on top of the power line.

The fire was under control after the first hour and a half but the hot spots across the effected four acres took time to put out. Fire stations from across Frederick County and the State's Department of Natural Resources were on the scene for almost five hours to combat the flames.

"Frederick County response emergency crews were able to stop the fire before it hit the homes," said Ranger Mark Spurrier, with Maryland Park Services.

The only damage was done to state property but the effected area is considered wild land by the state park.

"That is area that is essentially left untouched so since no major damage occurred. As the spring comes in, a lot of that burnt out area will regenerate itself and we wont have to do much of anything," said Spurrier.

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