Bullied Student Ready to Hold Anti-Bullying Dance

BRUNSWICK, MD - The family of a high school sophomore who was bullied in front of a WHAG reporter is holding a separate homecoming dance to promote anti-bullying.

On Monday, tenth-grader Preston Deener was getting ready for an interview about bullying across from Brunswick High School, when another boy ran up and began hitting him in the head and chased him back to the school.

WHAG immediately showed the video to school administrators and a sheriff's deputy.  
Charges may be filed in the case, according to police.

Frederick County Public Schools says they are taking appropriate action in the case but won't comment specifically.

The Deener family is holding an anti-bullying homecoming dance Friday night, from 8 to 11, at the Brunswick City Park building.

They are asking anyone who wants to attend the event to wear teal, orange or blue - the colors of bullying prevention and awareness.

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