Camp Fantastic Brings Together More Than 100 Children Battling Cancer

- WINCHESTER, Va. -- Summer camp is a time when you leave your family, share stories, and make new friends. At Camp Fantastic, the kids are sharing a much deeper bond.

"I was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma on July 8, 2008," said 16-year-old Reagan Flemming.

"I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in July of 2012," said 12-year-old Mathias Giordano.

They are all battling cancer.

"People know what you're going through, and you pretty much forget about having cancer when you are at camp," Flemming said. She has been coming to the camp for four years now. She said having cancer is just another common thread amongst the campers.

At Camp Fantastic, the kids say they feel like they are a part of a family and no different from anyone else. They stay on the campgrounds for just a week, but walk away with lifelong friends.

"They call it a family here," Giordano said.

It's a family of more than 100 cancer-fighting kids. And their counselors, many of them are cancer survivors.

"It's nice to not feel different, but at the same time have that difference be a bond," said Nora Tewksbury, who is a cancer survivor and a camp counselor.

Like any other children their age, they have big hopes and dreams for the future.

" hope to stay cancer free," Flemming said. "I hope to go to college and either become a child psychologist or a teacher."

"I've already beat it but still I see people walking around, who have amputations and gives me a little bit more of a boost," said Giordano.

It's just the boost they need to come back year after year.

The camp ends Saturday in Front Royal, but the programs continue throughout the year. The group that puts on the camp, Special Love, is in the middle of a campaign to sponsor more kids who want to attend. You can find more information on how you can help by visiting their website.

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