Candidate John Delaney Says Roscoe Bartlett is "Out-of-Touch"

GAITHERSBURG, MD- It's not President Clinton's endorsement that has congressional candidate John Delaney smiling.

"What's really been great is meeting so many people. It's really been a blessing."  

A self-made business man, Delaney is vying for a seat that's been held by the incumbent for two decades, Congressman Roscoe Bartlett.

"The congressman has been out-of-touch with his district. He hasn't been working as hard as he needs to for the interests of the citizens of the district."

District six was recently redrawn to include more of Montgomery County, with some Republicans arguing that it favored Democrats.

"I wasn't involved in the creation of the new map. That's done by the Maryland State Legislature, and it's been approved by the court. So, I support the map that's in place."

Volunteer Anita Kallfelz is a long-time Montgomery County resident and an ardent supporter of Delaney.

"John Delaney is the future," says Kallfelz. "John Delaney represents your sons and daughters. Roscoe Bartlett is the past."

A choice Maryland voters will have to make in the very near future.

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