Candidates Debate at Frederick Forum

FREDERICK, MD - People in Frederick got to know some of the candidates on their ballot a little better Monday afternoon.

The Frederick County Commission for Women hosted a candidate forum.

It included those running in the 8th Congressional District, the Frederick County Board of Education, and the Maryland Senate.

The board of education candidates talked about ways to get girls more interested in science and technology, such as mentoring and job fairs.

Some hot topics among the congressional candidates included jobs, the economy, energy independence, and issues in Western Maryland.

"I have a 10-point jobs plan. It's up at TimmermanForCongress.Com, and I invite you to go and have a look at it. One of my signature proposals is to help us get off of imported oil by using U.S. produced methanol," said Ken Timmerman, Republican candidate in the Md. 8th Congressional District race.

"We are on the wrong track. Many of us know we're on the wrong track, and yet we seem when we want change, to have a very narrow view of what change we can get. We're letting two drivers take turns driving us down the wrong track," said Mark Grannis, Libertarian candidate in the Md. 8th Congressional District race.

"I think we need to go back throughout the state to paper, counting our votes on paper, so we know that our voted have been counted." said George Gluck, Green Party candidate in the Md. 8th Congressional District race.

This was the first debate between incumbent Maryland Senator Ben Cardin and his Republican challenger, Dan Bongino.

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