Chambersburg Parents Continue Fight Against New Dress Code


CHAMBERSBURG, Pa.The new dress code in Chambersburg schools has been stirring up controversy even before administrators started enforcing it this year.

A group of parents showed up at the Chambersburg school board meeting Wednesday to oppose the dress code.

Chambersburg parent Kerri Diebel created a Facebook group for people who are against the new dress code and has started a petition to remove the policy. The Facebook group has more than 800 members and the petition has about 1,500 signatures.

She says the dress code is not enforced properly, especially when students are sent to in-school suspension for violations.

"I didn't feel it was right for any of these students to be losing out on their education sitting in in-school suspension, looking at walls because they're not getting their work handed to them," said Diebel.

And many parents say the dress code is too strict and that enforcement is inconsistent.

"A big problem I have is they say that a lot of logos or camo or tie-dye that's inappropriate and distracting. Then when they sell their spirit wear for these elementary schools, it is camo and tie-dye," said Chambersburg parent Anthony Lawson.

They say many students and parents are also confused because many schools have been enforcing the policy differently.

These parents say they have plenty of questions for the school board but not enough answers.

During the public comment portion of the school board meeting, they offered their questions and concerns. However, the topic wasn't on the agenda so there was no discussion back from board members.

In a written response to Diebel, CASD administrators say a large majority of student have been complying with the dress code.

"A couple people have gotten responses back but it's kind of like a roundabout way, they don't specifically come out and answer the question," said Diebel

This group of parents says they will continue to ask questions until they get answers.

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