Chambersburg Parents Voice Concerns Over New Dress Code


CHAMBERSBURG, PA- Starting this school year there will be no graphic t-shirts, no leggings, no hooded sweatshirts, and no flip-flops allowed in Chambersburg schools.

Those are just some of the rules under the new dress code that have many parents in the Chambersburg area school district confused and upset.

“She can't do anything other than what they're telling her to do,” said Chambersburg parent Gina Kennedy. “I think this is ridiculous. This is my kid. This isn't their kid you know what I mean? If she wants pink highlights why can't she have pink highlights? She's ten.”

The Chambersburg Area School District says the dress code was put into place in part because some older students were consistently showing up to school dressed inappropriately.

But parents of younger children say these rules are too strict.

“I do know the logo shirts apparently they cannot wear, which is going to be a big deal for my son,” said Chambersburg parent April Plowman. “When they're six and they're little, that's what they like to wear. The Hello Kitty shirts, Transformers, Mario.”

The school board says the dress code applies to the elementary students as well as the middle and high students because they wanted to maintain consistency.

It's a new set of rules some parents say they just can't afford.

“We're going to have to buy all new clothes this year, and that's something we can't afford,” said Kennedy

Despite concerns, the school board is standing by their decision. They say the dress code will help create a better educational setting.

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