Chambersburg Presents Road Map Projects to the Public


CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Town Council passed map A in a 6-3 vote Monday evening.

Officials with the Borough of Chambersburg have been working on several road projects for the past two years, and some residents have been wanting to know what planners have in mind.

The borough's official map outlined 16 different road projects, and most of them are extensions to existing roads. 

Up until Monday evening, there had been 13 public meetings

"We've got four different choices that we can make with this. The first one, option A, is actually the one we started out with originally. B, C and D have some changes from their original one, but there are various choices we could make," explained Allen Coffman, president of Chambersburg Borough council. 

The public did pick an official map. Officials say it is not an attempt to improve transportation issues but more so, a way to show future improvements.

After two years of meetings after meetings, the council is ready to show the community what they have been working on.

"I don't think any of them are insurmountable. As a matter of fact, some of then, we started out, we had more than the 17 items that are on this map. We had more than that. Some were dropped off particularly because we didn't think they were really feasible," added Coffman. 
The official map is a guide for regrowth in the area.  

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