Change of Heart Led to Keeping The Hagerstown Magazine

- HAGERSTOWN, Md. -  A local magazine was up for sale, but a last minute decision changed that. The Hagerstown Magazine has been around for the past decade but the owner, Kate Rader, was planning to sell because it was time to move on.

"As an entrepreneur I feel we as a company are ready to move into doing some new things. Hagerstown Magazine has always been a big piece of my life and a big piece of my heart, so I really wanted to give it the opportunity to be passed along to someone else," Rader said.

Some Hagerstown residents said they were relieved to hear the magazine was not being sold, while some were unsure of how it will handle the pressure to prioritize digitally.

"As it moves into perhaps a more digital realm, there's the challenge, is monetizing digital media," resident Rachel Nichols said.

Rader said the magazine will be going more digital, but will not forget about its print publications.

"To have every single issue of the magazine available online at no cost to the community is something I really want to do. So we'll still have the printed copies, we'll still maintain subscriptions, we'll still deliver to people houses and business," Rader added.

At the Hagerstown Convention and Visitors Bureau, Information Specialist Nancy Troup said she sells a lot of the magazines at the center and would hate to see the publication go.

"We're grateful it's not going to be sold because that means we can continue to have it and the people of Hagerstown and in the Washington County will continue to be informed of things going on in the area," Troup said. "It does reach out into the county a little bit and is an asset to the town because people like to get it to learn about the people in town, some of the events going on and some of the places in town they could go to."

Radar said she's happy with her decision in keeping the magazine and is looking forward to the next ten years for the magazine.

"I really have a belief that the universe tends to point me in the right direction and the direction that I'm supposed to go in," Rader said. "I think through this process I've had a lot of confusion and a lot of questions as any normal entrepreneur would, but at the end of the day I feel that this is a great decision and I'm happy about keeping the magazine."

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