Charles Town PD to Receive $10,000 Grant

CHARLES TOWN, WV - The Charles Town Police Department is looking forward to changes thanks to a new grant that could better protect its officers and solve more crimes in the future.

$10,000 will go a long way for the Charles Town Police Department, and could help solve more crimes.

Chief Chris Kutcher already has an idea of what it can be spent on.

"Things they can use to help collect evidence on the crime scene, whether it's video recording, body wires, electronic surveillance," he says.

Senator John Unger presented the grant after a city council meeting but it's something the department has been hoping for, for months. Kutcher applied for the grant last May.

"We look for opportunities to try to help offset any kind of costs we can get and it's a day to day thing," Kutcher says. "It's money that'll go far for the 14 officers here towards drug and DUI enforcement."

It's not the first time they've received a grant like this. The last one was used to video-game-like training with the Blue Ridge Community and Technical College. It presents the officers with different real life scenarios they're likely to deal with.

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