Child Abuse Prevention Month: Billy's Fight for Justice


FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa. - Billy’s parents say he has at least six seizures every day.

"There’s been twice where I sat with him for you know a few hours, and his heart rates race,” said Billy’s adoptive mother Kim Travis. “His oxygen drops and I think his body can't do this anymore."

Billy was just 4-years-old when his then step-mom, Michele Hunter, pushed him, severely damaging his brain. Now he is 7-years-old, and still suffering from the effects of the trauma he survived. Billy is unable to speak, see and move properly.

"It’s hard not knowing how he feels,” said Billy’s adoptive father Bob Travis. “You know, does something hurt? And he can't tell you."

"He’ll never play baseball. He'll never drive a car. You know all those boy things that you can't wait to do,” said Kim.

Hunter was convicted in February on several charges, including aggravated assault for the abuse.

The Travises, who have four biological children and five adopted children, say it was their calling to become Billy’s parents.

"For me he just touched my heart,” said Bob. “I guess I wanted to stand up for him and have somebody to be his voice."

They are now on a mission to bring awareness to child abuse so that no other child has to go through what Billy has had no choice but to endure.

"If someone’s going a bit overboard, step up and be an adult because these kids can't defend themselves,” said Bob.

It's been a long road to find justice for Billy, but his parents say they will never give up on the little boy who has brought them so much joy.

"He was let down for a really long time and I wasn't going to let him down anymore,” said Kim.

Billy's parents are trying to raise funds to build an extension on their home. The new room will provide more space for Billy and all of his medical equipment. For more information on how you can help, you can visit their Facebook page.

Michele Hunter will be sentenced Wednesday.

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