Children Find Gun; Police Relieved No One Injured


HAGERSTOWN, Md. -  The Hagerstown Police Department says they're relieved that two small children were not injured after finding a loaded gun in the bushes on Friday.

Police say last week, the children, both under the age of 10, found the handgun in the bushes on the 1000 block of Security Road, and shot one round into the ground. Afterwards they gave the gun to an adult, who called the police. Police say they believe the children did not know it was a real gun or that it was loaded.

The handgun was reported missing to the Washington County Sheriff's Office in October 2009.

"One of them picked it up and they discharged the gun into the ground, I do not think they were of the age to realize that it was a real gun, they gave the gun to a responsible adult who turned it in to the management, who called us," said Cpt. Tom Langston. 

Police say the gun is currently in their possession as they search for more information on where it came from.

"If you find a gun just don't touch it. Call us immediately, you don't need to turn it into management. If someone is there they can just secure it or watch it until we can take care of it," said Cpt. Langston.

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