Church Speaks Out on Former Youth Pastor Sentencing


WHAG NEWS - The Calvary Assembly church is still surprised that they let Shaun Michael Ross into their family.

On Wednesday, the former youth pastor pleaded guilty to having sex with a minor who was a member of the church. Lead Pastor John Kenney said he will never forget the day he confronted Ross.

"I called Shaun Ross into my office and he and I sat down in my office, and talked to the witness and at that time he admitted to doing this heinous act,” said Pastor Kenney.

Kenney fired Ross and throughout the investigation, he says he kept his congregation informed.

There are about 80 youth members that call this sanctuary their home, and Pastor Kenney said that if anyone in their congregation is hurt, it's them.

"This trust that they had in this guy has been betrayed so we have worked very hard to reassure them and try to rebuild trust and leadership. Not only was the victim, the victim but there were many victims as a result of this," said Pastor Kenney. 

The incidents occurred between 2008 and 2010.The female is now 21-years-old and still a member of the church.

"This wont be her stumbling block. This will be her stepping stone to really greater things for her in life," said Pastor Kenney.

Ross will serve 18 months in jail, but for those in this church that doesn't seem like enough.

"When you prey on a child and someone that young and you intentionally do it, to me I am not against to a life sentence," said Pastor Kenney.

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