Civil War Reenactment, Gathering of Eagles


WINCHESTER, Va. - Listen up Civil War buffs! In honor of the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War, the Old Court House Civil War Museum is reenacting history.

Through June 6th to the 8th, the Old Court House will host the Gathering of Eagles, where historians will portray generals from both sides of the Civil War as it was in June of 1864.

"They’re kind of mirroring what was happening 150 years ago. So they'll be talking about [William] Sherman’s campaign, [President] Grant being appointed, the election, and the affect is had in 1864,” said museum manager, Maricarol Miller.

The name Gathering of Eagles comes from the fact that the symbol of a general during that time was an eagle.

Winchester was selected to host the gathering because the city changed hands over 70 times, more than any other town during the Civil War.

"People can come meet the gentlemen in their personas. So if you want to have your picture taken with General or Abraham Lincoln, you can," said Miller.

The Old Court House hosts reenactment events like this often, and they say the primary purpose it to educate those interested, as well as entertain civil war buffs.

The event will begin Friday, June 6 and end on Sunday, June 8.

"For Saturday, there is a $15 charge. We have a reception Friday night, and we're also going to have a little bit of street theater out on the mall Friday night," said Miller.

For more information on attending the Gathering of Eagles and the historians that will be reenacting the famous Civil War icons, follow these links:

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