Clear Spring Residents Begin Process of Rebuilding


CLEAR SPRING, Md. - Residents were taken by surprise a little over a week ago, when flash flooding damaged many homes, leaving some families with nothing.

"The impact on June 12th was something that was never expected here in Clear Spring," said Steven McCarty, a priest at St. Andrews.

The flooding left houses severely damaged.

"Our basement was completely submerged and about a foot through the first floor of our house," said Colby Puffenberger, a resident of the area. "The drywall and the flooring is the main issue right now."

"Then the mold and all started, so floors are being ripped out, walls had to be ripped out, kitchen cupboards," added resident Susan Mills. "It's almost a gutted house right now."

The tight-knit community has come together in order to rebuild and 21 families were allowed back in their homes on Friday. Lowe's donated five gallon buckets full of cleaning supplies. Walmart donated food, water and bleach. People everywhere have also donated clothes and other things for the families.

"It isn't just Washington County that has come together, it's the whole tri-state," said Carol Hovermale, a member of the city council. "Things are coming in from everywhere, and it's amazing."

It's donations that are giving the residents hope. 

"This community has a lot of love for each other, and that's the key thing," McCarty added.

"To be honest it's not surprising because that's how Clear Spring is," said resident Stephanie Repp. "We're tight-knit and we are always there when something happens, good or bad. We'll come out stronger."

If you would like to donate, you can visit the Clear Spring Facebook page by clicking here.

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