Community Reacts to Continuing I-81 Homicide Investigation


FRANKLIN CO, Pa.The investigation into the chilling homicide that happened on Interstate 81 in Franklin County Saturday continues.

Police believe it started as road rage. They say an unknown driver rammed another car into the median, got out and then shot and killed 28-year-old Timothy Davison of Poland, Maine who was was on his way back from visiting family in Florida.

Investigators are now working to see if this murder is related to another shooting that happened on Friday evening in York County, Pennsylvania about 30 miles away from the murder scene.

Already, the FBI has joined several other law enforcement agencies in the effort to solve this case, a highway homicide investigators think was a random act of violence.

"The suspect got out of his vehicle, approached the victim's vehicle, fired a couple shots, killing the victim,” said Trooper Robert Hicks of Pennsylvania State Police.

According to police, Davison called 911 around 2 a.m. He told authorities he was being followed closely by a pickup truck and that the suspect was firing shots at his car.

"The 911 call was made to the emergency communications center in Maryland,” said Lt. Mike Fluharty of Maryland State Police. “Then the victim did travel into Pennsylvania."

That's when troopers say the suspect ran him off the road and fired those fatal shots.

In determining whether or not this murder is connected to the shooting incident in Carroll Township, police will have to compare gun shot damage on both cars. In the York County incident, authorities say a driver in one vehicle fired shots at another vehicle. No one was injured.

"They’re going to look at the comparison of the bullet used for the murder in Franklin County as well as the bullet we recovered from the vehicle in Monaghan Township,” said Thomas Wargo of Carroll Township Police. “State police will be able to tell us whether its the same bullet or not."

It's a case that has shaken the surrounding community.

"I’m pretty shocked,” said Sharpsburg Resident Blaec Ramos, who drives on I-81 to get to work. “I mean, it could happen to me. I could be driving to work and it could happen to me."

And it's a murder that's left investigators with more questions than answers.

"Pennsylvania State Police is the lead agency on it,” said Fluharty. “We're going to do everything we can to assist them, making sure we bring this murderer to justice."

There have been several false reports, mainly on social media websites, that the suspect's vehicle was found. But authorities tell us the vehicle has not been located and they are still looking for the suspect and his pickup truck.

Maryland State Police also told WHAG there will be a joint press conference about this investigation Tuesday.

Pennsylvania State Police in Chambersburg are asking anyone with information about this case to contact them at 717-264-5161. They believe the suspect's vehicle is a small pickup truck, possibly a Ford Ranger. They say it should have some damage on the driver's side.

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