Community Reacts to Halfway Apparent Murder-Suicide

HALFWAY, Md. - For many Thursday afternoon started out like any other. Little League was wrapping up at Marty Snook Memorial Park when news of the murder-suicide that happened in a nearby Halfway neighborhood quickly spread.

Most families said they love this area because it's safe and quiet.

"Pretty unexpected. Legitimately safe neighborhood," said Tony Nalley, who lives nearby in Halfway.

For Tony Nalley, this crime scene was close to home and the first major incident he's ever seen in this area.

"It's literally like right back the street from my house," said Nalley. "When I drove by I seen like the door was busted in and its surrounded cops everywhere, caution tape."

Nearby residents said they're shocked something like this could happen so close to a family park. 

"It's very unfortunate. I mean a lot of kids here," said Ryan Russ, a Hagerstown resident.

"And for something like this to happen, it's just you know, unfortunate situation, sad. You know things like this shouldn't occur," said Frankie Linton, a Hagerstown resident. 

And even though there are still questions about what happened inside, some said they're hopeful the community will move forward.

"I think everyone will come together and bounce back and try to support whoevers involved if they know someone or just the people in that community all together," said Russ.

And as the sun set on Dawn Drive, many neighbors were left to wonder just what went wrong in this seemingly quaint home.

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