Community Waits For Answers in Saylor Death Investigation

FREDERICK, MD - Local groups are voicing their reaction to the homicide of a Frederick man with Down syndrome while in police custody.

"Friends", a resource group for those with Down syndrome, issued a statement saying the family of Ethan Saylor has their sympathy and they wait for the results of the investigation to be made public.

Saylor died of suffocation when police handcuffed him at a Regal Cinemas theater in Frederick last month.

A meeting Sheriff Jenkins regularly holds with the public was cancelled for Thursday evening.

Jenkins says misinformation involving the case would draw too large of a crowd for the meeting space.

"Had the deputies or the theater management simply left him alone, he would have continued to sit in his seat and not bother anybody," says Joseph Espo, the Saylor family's attorney.

The Frederick County State attorney's office is reviewing the results of the death investigation.

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