Concerns Heighten Over Morgan County School System


MORGAN COUNTY, WV- Since the special excess levy was voted down in Morgan County there have been a lot of questions about which programs will be maintained or cut.

School officials say residents will now have an opportunity to weigh in on the matter. 

Over the past couple of months, there have been concerns among many parents in Morgan County as to which direction the school system is going. There have also been questions about up-to-date learning tools and classroom materials for students.

Some folks feel the defeat of the school levy will have a negative impact.  

"I was personally shocked because I thought the community was really behind its' school system. I don't know if it's because people are tried of taxes, or whatever reason they had against the school system," said Daniel Wright, a Morgan County Resident.

"I was actually shocked because I thought that the community would support it. I thought they would support children more than they did," said Dave Griffiths, another Morgan County Resident.

There has even been some uncertainty among the school staff. Since the May vote, 20 educators have resigned.   

"Unfortunately some of our best people have left our system. Some of our best teachers have moved on,” said David Banks, Superintendent of Morgan County School District. “There are neighboring counties that have more jobs, job security still growing and more students coming in. They are building new schools; there is certainly job security in those locations.”

Over the next couple of weeks, the Morgan county school system is holding meetings. School officials say they want to hear from the parents and community. 

"We are listening; we are going to do a whole lot of listening. We are going to find out what people are comfortable with, what they can support, both for their family and financial perspective also knowing what they would like to see in a good school system," said Banks. 

The board of education is also conducting a survey, combined with the results of the meetings. The board will then decide which issues will be on the voting ballots during a special levy election in May of 2014.  

"When the levy passes, that will be place immediately.  In other words the school system would not have to go without that extra funding for a year, in will be in place immediately," said Banks. 

The meetings are at the school board office at 247 Harrison Avenue in Berkeley Springs.

Tuesday, August 13 at 9 a.m.
Tuesday, August 20 at 5:30 p.m.
Tuesday, August 27 at 7 p.m.

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