Court Documents: Murder-Suicide Shooter Paroled Days Before Crime


FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa. - Court documents reveal the shooter in a Franklin County murder-suicide had a history of getting in trouble with the law.

Roy Adams, 57, shot his ex-wife's boyfriend before turning the gun on himself Sunday morning, police say. Adams died on the scene and the victim, Thomas Olson, 51, died Monday from his injuries.

Authorities say Adams was not allowed to carry firearms at the time of the crime. He had only been out of jail for five days before the fatal shooting.

Adams’s most recent arrest was on December 27. According to court records, police were called to his home on Talhelm Road after receiving complaints that he was threatening his wife and threatening to kill himself. Officers stated Adams arrived at the home drunk, and was arrested for a DUI and for possessing two guns without a license.

After pleading guilty and serving jail time for those charges, he was banned from carrying firearms while on parole.

"In this specific case he was court-ordered, in addition to the Federal Firearms Act, he was ordered by the judge not to possess firearms,” said Daniel Hoover, chief probation officer at the Franklin County Probation and Parole Department.

Documents also show Adams had been committed to several mental institutions in the past, another condition that banned him from possessing any firearms. Parole officers were scheduled to meet with him some time this week to check for any parole violations.

"He was assigned to a field agent,” said Hoover. He was scheduled to report in the following week [after he was released from jail April 2] and we were going to go out to house thereafter."

Hoover says firearms parole violations do happen but are rare. For neighbors, it is a rare outcome that's left them stunned.

"Speechless is a good word,” said neighbor Kathy Bingaman. “You don't know what to say when something like this happens and it's this close to home

The parole board says they do not know how Adams got the gun he used Sunday.

Police say this case is still under investigation.

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