Cow Patty Fling and Toilet Seat Horseshoes Among Events at Redneck Games

- BOONSBORO, Md. - The annual Washington County Ag Expo is now in full swing, and this year's festivities included a fun new event.

The Redneck Games are the newest addition to the many competitions held at the expo each year.

AJ and Tiny, hosts of the country music station WAYZ, hosted the event and coached their own teams in a heated competition to see which side was made up of the biggest rednecks.

"Well the fair had wanted to do something like this for a long time, and they just didn't seem like they could get the participation that they needed. So what do you do when you want redneck games? You contact a country radio station, and here ya go," Tiny Michaels told us.

WHAG alumni Pieter Bickford was also there to help explain and demonstrate the rules to each game.

AJ Silver said, "It was my team against his team. We did a cow patty fling, toilet seat horseshoes."

"We had the Wife Carry, the wheelbarrow race, and it was a whole lot of fun. We had our listeners call in and get with us all week long, and they said they'd love to come participate, and boy participate they did," added Tiny.

The winning team of the Redneck Games won $200, a gold or silver horseshoe, and everyone involved was awarded with free entry to the Ag Expo for the remainder of the week.

When asked how they think the competition went, Tiny said, "I'm so proud of my team, I think they did great. I'm proud of AJ's team too. I think everybody did awesome."

"I think it turned out great too because it wasn't like a blowout. We kind of tied it up, and then in the end we pulled through," added AJ.

"Yeah, we know, we know," said Tiny.

"Everybody did a great job and we had a good time," said AJ.

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