Cresaptown Cleans Up After Storm, Floods


CRESAPTOWN, Md.— Residents in Cresaptown are busy cleaning up after flash flooding badly damaged several parts of the town. One of the hardest hit buildings was Calvary Christian Academy.

"It really hit me hard. I actually started crying. I actually cried a whole lot because I was worried about it,” said Calvary Christian Academy student Ashley Riddle.

Walking through the halls of the academy, it is clear the storm was not just a typical rain shower. Mud and debris quickly filled the school when the creek behind it began to rise.

"Five inches of rainfall in a matter of just a couple hours,” said Dick DeVore, director of Allegany County Emergency Services.

In some places, flood waters reached two to four feet high inside the school. Thankfully, summer break began last week so no one was inside during the flood, but students and faculty say the destruction they witnessed from their homes is shocking.

"Devastating to me because I’ve been here 23 years,” said Rusty Kitzmiller, development director at Calvary Christian Academy. “But just the mud in the classrooms and you know some of the stuff was up where it didn't get damaged but anything that was 2 feet or down was destroyed."

Dozens of volunteers showed up Friday at the school to help clean up. They say it is a process that will not be finished any time soon.

And the damage wasn't just in Cresaptown.

"Bowling Green, into the city of Cumberland and to a certain degree the community of LaVale,” said DeVore.

Emergency responders said they had to do a handful of water rescues. They’re currently trying to assess the damage to see if they qualify for state assistance.

Despite the chaos and the devastating aftermath, those at Calvary Christian Academy say they are just thankful no one was injured by flood.

"There’s so many people helping and I’m so thankful for it,” said Calvary Christian Academy student Abby Maust.

To help the Calvary Christian Academy, click here.

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