Crews Avoid Major Accident in Propane Tank Rollover


OAKLAND, Md. - Emergency officials avoided disaster Wednesday morning after a propane tanker carrying almost 10,000 gallons of propane flipped over, leaving crews with no choice but to evacuate the area.

"As the driver was going around the turn the tractor trailer actually rolled over on its side, and when it did it actually went in between an electric pole," said John Frank, director of Garrett County Department of Public Safety and Emergency Management. 

"Many agencies responded immediately," Frank adds. "Maryland State Police, Garrett County Sheriff's Office and many other public safety individuals. They actually went door to door doing the evacuation."

One of the buildings located near the accident was the Garrett County Detention Center.

"We moved approximately 48 inmates from the facility," Frank said. "They were eventually relocated at a facility in Allegany County."

Frank adds because of everyone's full effort, they were able to execute their operation smoothly and safely.

"It was facilitated very quickly," Frank explained. "We had the entire evacuation area, businesses, the jail, the 911 center had to be relocated. I would say less than 45 minutes."

Responders say the evacuation was an all day job. They didn't leave the scene until 10:30 p.m. Wednesday. 

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