Crews Working 16 Hour Shifts to Restore Power After Storm


FREDERICK, Md. -  More than seven hundred linemen gathered early Friday morning at Harry Grove Stadium to tackle the aftermath of the ice storm that at its peak left more than 33,000 Potomac Edison customers without power.

Friday morning thousands of customers were still without power. Crews from as far as the South Carolina were on the scene helping out.

"We said at the very beginning this would be a multi-day restoration, said Todd Meyers, spokesperson for Potomac Edison. “We set the expectation that we would be out of power in some areas for some days. We will have the vast majority on by tonight, some tomorrow."

For resident Bernard Smith, living in the dark was not the only thing he had to worry about.

"Well my neighbor called me at 8 a.m. in the morning and said "Well I just saw your television pole crash onto your car,' and it just snapped at the bottom from so much weight and landed right onto the car but it went in slow motion,” said Smith. “They said it just fell real soft and silent and hit the car"

The crews removed the pole but Smith hopes they restore the power because he said right now his blankets and cats can’t keep him warm for much longer.

"I think they are going to work on it today, I hope. It is down to 40 degrees inside my house so I hoping the pipes don’t break when they turn it on,” said Smith.

Meyers said crews will not be done until all customers have power.

“They are working 16 hours each day and they take eight hours off and 16 back on until they are completely finished,” said Smith.  “So they will be working into the dark, and then we do have some crews that stay out and they also work overnight, so its round the clock effort until this is complete."

Meyers says that if residents find down power lines to call them at 1-888-LIGHTS and they will get to them as soon as they can.

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