Cumberland Couple Among Thousands in Maryland Contacted by Scammers


CUMBERLAND, Md. - A message was recently left on the Franciosi's voicemail.

"This is the Department of Legal Affairs," the voicemail stated. "I'm trying to reach you in regards to enforcement action that has been filed against your name."

The couple followed up and called the Maryland Attorney General. They found out the message was a scam. 

"I was scared," Karen Franciosi said. "I didn't know if anything was wrong on my end, or if I did anything wrong, but I knew in my heart I didn't."

"If they fooled her then I'm a little scared," Joseph Franciosi said. "I didn't understand it because I know we've never done nothing wrong."

I hope you will take this stride and call me back," the message continued to say. "Looking forward to speaking with you."

Investigators are warning others because the scams are affecting people all over the four-state region. The Franciosis' said they were told more than 50,000 people in Maryland have been contacted by scammers asking for personal information to hack into things like people's bank accounts. In West Virginia, Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is warning people about phone calls offering "free" vacations. In Virginia, scammers are posing as Winchester Police Officers asking for money to pay back taxes.

The Franciosis' want people to know that if something doesn't seem right, to hang up the phone and do not give out any personal information.

"Just ignore it," Karen said. "At the same time you can call the Attorney General's office and the IRS just for your own peace of mind, to make sure everything is okay on your end with your records."

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