Cumberland Woman Faces Charges After Making Death Threats

- CUMBERLAND, Md. - Officers with the Cumberland Police Department say a local woman is facing charges after she threatened to kill multiple people with a gun. 

The incident happened on May 5, 2014 at 10 West Clement Street. 

Police say during this incident, Carolyn Marie Mondshour, 61, of Cumberland, Md., made threatening remarks towards numerous people with a handgun. 

When officers arrived on the scene, several victims advised that Mondshour had pointed a revolver at them and threatened to kill them. Police learned that two of the victims actually lived at the residence with Mondshour. According to the victims, Mondshour locked them out of their house so they climbed threw a second story window. 

After entering the upstairs an argument ensued with Mondshour. During the argument, Mondshour was holding a gun down at her side. She allegedly pointed the gun at both the victims telling them she would kill them. Both victims fled the residence and went to a neighbors house. 

Police say several neighbors went to speak with Mondshour, and after entering the residence she also pointed a gun at them and stated she would kill them. In fear for their lives, they also fled the residence and contacted police. 

Mondshour admitted to police she pointed the gun and threatened to kill them all. Police say Mondshour was not arrested on that date and had to be transported to the Western Maryland Health System. Officers were able to find the handgun used in the assault. 

Police say as a result of this incident charges were filed against Mondshour. She was processed and taken before the District Commissioner. Officials say Monshour was later held in the Allegany County Detention Center on $30,000 bond. 

Mondshour is charged with four counts of first-degree assault, four counts of second-degree assault, four counts of reckless endangerment, and two counts of the use of a firearm in a violent crime. 

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