Customer and Employees Prevent Bank Robbery


GORE, Va. - Thanks to the assistance of a watchful customer and quick thinking employee, Capon Valley customers still have money in the bank.

"We were so thankful that the customer alerted us to the situation, and was willing to tell us of suspicious activity,” said Michael Cheshire, assistant manager for the Capon Valley Bank Gore Branch. “It really brought me back to that quote that says, 'All that it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.'"

Within seconds Cheshire notified customers, escorted them to safety, called the police and locked the front door.

"I was surprised by how quickly my instincts kicked in. I really was,” he said. “And the ironic thing was that I had just finished a comprehensive robbery training class, literally three hours before the attempted robbery occurred."

"All of our employees are trained on robbery awareness on a regular basis,” said Marty Rinard, the Chief Financial Officer of Capon Valley Bank. “With some recent activity in the area, we felt it was necessary to alert everybody, and give them a reason to be on guard."

It's was this training, awareness and quick thinking that officials say prevented the robbery.

"They did exactly what they were supposed to do,’ said Captain Donald Lang with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office. “They secured the doors, and called law enforcement, so everything was done properly."

"When we saw the suspect coming to the door, I was like, “This is real, this is really happening,’” said Cheshire.

Frederick County deputies arrested Ashby Stoneberger in the U.S. Post Office parking lot next door, and charged him with attempted robbery and use of a firearm.

"It’s unusual for it to be prevented,” said Lang, “because you just don’t' know when it's going to occur."

"It was also just a thankfulness and a gratefulness to God, and also to the customer and all the employees following safety procedures that kept us safe and secure," said Cheshire.

Capon Valley Bank wanted to share this story with other banks and businesses to communicate that businesses that robberies can happen, but through teamwork and awareness, they are also preventable.

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