Day Three of Winchester Murder, Arson Trial

- WINCHESTER, Va. - The Sherry Cruz murder trial continued Wednesday in Winchester. Cruz is charged with killing her two-year-old child, Christian Cruz, in a house fire last year. 

WHAG was in the Winchester Courthouse Wednesday as the defense presented and rested their case, calling six witnesses. Closing arguments have already been made and the jury is deliberating. 

The prosecution asked the court to look at inconsistencies in Cruz's story and potential motives for starting the fire. They pointed out her volatile relationship with her boyfriend, having five children under the age of three, her small living space and her immense hatred for her landlord. 

Cruz is facing charges of first degree murder, arson, four counts of child abuse and felony homicide. Because this is a bi-factored trial, once the jury goes into deliberation they will need to decide first whether or not they find Cruz guilty, and then if they do on any of these charges. They will listen to new evidence, including Cruz's prior criminal record for a sentencing phase. 

Cruz is looking at a maximum sentence of life in prison for arson and first degree murder, 40 years for felony homicide, and five years for each count of child abuse. 

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