Deep Creek Lake a Vacation Destination at Any Season

GARRETT COUNTY, MD - Deep Creek Lake is located in Western Maryland and is a vacation spot for people ranging from those who live in nearby metropolitan cities to all around the East Coast. 

"We have Deep Creek Lake which is good with anything in the water like boating and kayaking and we also have a ski resort here in the winter time," says Sarah Duck, Garrett County Chamber of Commerce. 

You can go paddle boarding, tubing, or just soak up the sunshine on a boat.

"It's a real short drive and it's a beautiful area," says Jack Carter from Wisp Resort. "It's not as humid as the D.C. area and so in the summer time you can come out here and escape to the cooler climate."

It's not only the cooler temperatures and activities that draw people in but also its beauty. Some people have compared Deep Creek Lake to the Lake Tahoe of the East Coast. 

"We get a lot of people who've never been here before, and they think it's Maryland's best kept secret so we like to surprise them with how beautiful and scenic the area is," says Duck. 

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