Del. Myers Won't Run for Another Term

ANNAPOLIS, MD - A delegate who has served Western Maryland for 11 years won't run for another term.

Delegate LeRoy Myers represents eastern Allegany County and western Washington County in District 1C.

"I've seen in my last 11 years people who seem like they stay too long. They get entrenched. It's sort of like their job, and that was never my intention. I believe 12 years of service in the House of Delegates is plenty, so I've decided just to term limit myself," says Myers (R).

Myers has served in the Maryland House of Delegates since 2003.

He says he never wanted to be a career politician but a citizen legislator.

Myers will make an announcement in September and says that announcement will involve some contacts he's made in Annapolis.

"I do have something else in mind, but I'm not ready to divulge that right now," Myers says. "There are some things that I'm researching and getting information. There are three areas of possibilities. One is weighed pretty heavily."

Myers will serve out his remaining term in the House of Delegates through January 2015.

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