Delegate Wants to Include School Supplies in Tax-Free Week

FREDERICK, MD - Shopping for school supplies takes a chunk out of many parent's wallets.

The costs of everything from pencils to notebooks caught Delegate Patrick Hogan by surprise.

"I was shopping before school started in August with my daughter, who's a first grader, and was just surprised to learn that school supplies weren't items that would be exempt during Tax Free Week," says Hogan, (R) - Frederick County.

Hogan then decided to sponsor a bill in the Maryland General Assembly to change that.

"It adds school supplies to the list of exempted items on Maryland's Sales Tax Free Week right before school starts in August," Hogan says.

Clothing and footwear less than $100 are included in Maryland's Tax-Free Shopping Week. Hogan hopes adding school supplies, such as markers and paper, can bring parents some relief.

"I think it's important because during this economy every little bit helps," Hogan says. "Hopefully this bill passes so parents will be able to save a little bit of money next time they go back-to-school shopping with their kids."

The bill would exempt school supplies from the state's six percent sales tax during one week in August.

"I know how many supplies children really need to bring into school the first week that can be very expensive for parents, especially when they have multiple children," says Ginny Baker, former teacher

"Given that school supplies can be very expensive to a family, and adding tax on top of that, it's that much more of burden to parents," says Eric Baker, a parent.

Hogan hopes next year supplies for his daughter and all children in the state will be lower if his bill passes.

Hogan plans to file the bill this week in Annapolis. He already has about 15 co-sponsors.

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