Deputies Resign Over Illegal Hunting Incident

WARREN COUNTY, VA - Three Warren county deputies have resigned due to accusations of hunting violations. Only two deputies have been charged fines with no jail time.

Former deputies Bradley Pugh and Michael A. Robinson were charged with illegal hunting. Pugh was charged with hunting without a license and leaving wanton waste.

"Wanton waste is a situation where a deer or an animal is taken by a hunter that is not taken care of properly and the meat is not utilized by someone or just thrown away," says Kevin Clarke, regional law enforcement manager of the Virginia Game and Inland Fisheries.

Clarke says a third deputy, Eric Ramey, also resigned even though he had no involvement in the illegal hunt.

Front Royal Police Chief Norman Shiftlett did not wish to speak on camera but said Front Royal Police Captain Clint Keller heard shots fired near his home and believed the three deputies were hunting in town limits.

The incident took place on November 3, and the three deputies voluntarily resigned on November 5.

Shiftlett says the investigation was handled internally and has been handed over to the State Gaming Department.

"This is an unfortunate incident and no law enforcement agency wants to see other officers investigated prosecuted and we feel the same way," adds Clarke.

The deputies declined to comment. Pugh and Robinson are scheduled to appear at the Warren County Court on December 4.

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