Different Jobs, Different Companies, Same Workspace

FREDERICK, MD - A new way to do your job remotely just opened a new location in downtown Frederick.

"It's good to get in a space that's full of people doing the same thing," says John Cromartie of CoWork Frederick.

Cromartie is employed for a company in DC but does most of his work at CoWork Frederick. CoWork is a place for people to do their work away from home, office, or a public setting with several thousand locations around the globe.

CoWork Frederick started after Julia and Glen Ferguson realized the need when they moved to the area.

"We stumbled upon this building (located on East Patrick Street) and immediately knew this is where we wanted to open a co-working site," says Julia.

In addition to office space, the building is similar to an average home. There is a kitchen, shower, and living room. There are also rooms for privacy on the second floor to make conference or video calls. But in order to use all of this, you have to be a member. There's a variety of memberships which range from full time to part time depending on how often you need to use the space.

Lara Prescott is a part time member who says it lets her get away and concentrate on her work. It also gives her a chance to bounce off ideas from other people in the same career field as her.

"I worked in a CoWork in Washington for awhile, and I was excited that Frederick is taking on the initiative," says Prescott.

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