Doctor: Even Men Should Be Tested For Breast Cancer

WAYNESBORO, PA- October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and medical experts are encouraging all adults including men to get tested for the disease.

It's the second deadliest cancer among women in the United States behind lung cancer, and 1 percent of the breast cancer diagnoses are men.  

While the cancer mostly affects women over the age of 40, women as early as 20 can be diagnosed.  

Doctors say with regular mammograms, patients can find it earlier, before the cancer becomes incurable.

"1 out of every 9 women, at some time in their life, will get breast cancer.  Early detection with mammography is very important to save lives," says Dr. Edward Lampton, a Radiologist at Waynesboro Hospital. 

According to medical statistics, nearly 40,000 people died from breast cancer last year.

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