Drug Prescription Abuse Rising


WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. - Drug prescription abuse is rising, and a new study from the journal, "Medical Care" says sometimes doctors are to blame for giving their patients the medication, if they don't receive the proper medical information.

"It's very important to let a physician know what your medical history," said Angela Porturica.

In some cases doctors are accused of being influenced too heavily by their patients. Doctors also run into issues if their patient is coming from another area, and don't tell their physician they're prescribed to a medication somewhere else

"Some of the issues that we run into here come with the tri-state area," Porturica added. "Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia are very close together and sometimes there are difficulties in finding what the person is being prescribed in other states, so that is one barrier that we may run into if the patient isn't being honest. Doctors are not able to find out the accurate information about their prescription"

While some patients with severe pain may legitimately require the strongest prescriptions, once the medication is in their hands, they decide how they use it, whether it's selling or abusing.

"Once the physician prescribes the medication for the patient, it's up to them at that point how they're going to use it," Porturica said.

The study also said states have been cracking down on pill mills that hand out narcotic painkillers to people who don't have a medical need for them.

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